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Senator Tom Carper Issues Statement on Silk Road 2.0

Avatar newsbtc 6 years ago

Tom CarperWith news today that the second iteration of Silk Road has made a debut (with the first version of the site being seized and shut down by federal authorities), a United States congressman has already issued a statement — and it may not be what you would expect.

Senator Tom Carper — a democrat from Delaware — who serves on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee had this to say:

“This new website – launched barely a month after Federal agents shut down the original Silk Road — underscores the inescapable reality that technology is dynamic and ever-evolving and that government policy needs to adapt accordingly. Rather than play ‘whack-a-mole’ with the latest website, currency, or other method criminals are using in an effort to evade the law, we need to develop thoughtful, nimble and sensible federal policies that protect the public without stifling innovation and economic growth. Our committee intends to have that conversation – among others – at our hearing this month on virtual currency.”

Carper’s statement makes reference to an upcoming Senate hearing on Bitcoin, in which members of congress are expected to learn and generally discuss the use and implications of Bitcoin as a whole.

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