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Other Exchanges Catching up to Mt.Gox in Bitcoin Trading Volume

Avatar newsbtc 6 years ago

Trading Volume November 3rd 2013

It didn’t seem like it was terribly long ago that Mt.Gox was leading by miles in terms of being the de facto Bitcoin exchange. Fast forward to early November, and we’re finding out that Mt.Gox is not longer, well, leading by miles.

In fact, two exchanges are catching up to Gox in trading volume. The first is — and I say this with little to no surprise — BTC China. The Chinese have taken tremendous interest in the digital currency, and as such, BTC China’s trading volume is about 571k, compared to Gox’s 578.

Behind BTC China is BitStamp, with a volume of 547k. There’s still a a sizable difference, but when you look back a couple of months, you can see Mt.Gox’s volume shrinking considerably (see the chart above and look to the far right).

Here’s the raw numbers.

Bitcoin Markets Trading Volume NOV 3 2013

How long until Mt.Gox is no longer the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange, as they proclaim on their website?

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