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Explorer to Make Bitcoin Transaction From South Pole

Avatar newsbtc 6 years ago
Faysal Hanneche

Source: YouTube

French explorer Faysal Hanneche is expected to be the first person to make a Bitcoin transaction from the South Pole (not that many monetary transactions happen there) this month.

Sirius Money — a Danish Bitcoin exchange — is sponsoring Hanneche, allowing him to bring a Bitcoin sticker with him and perhaps even a Bitcoin flag if Hanneche can raise more than 15BTC before departing from South Africa next week on November 5th (and if a flag can even be made before then).

Just before leaving the Amundsen-Scott base station at the South Pole and heading to Chile, Hanneche will buy a pizza with his Bitcoins. Yes, pizza. No word on who’s delivering.

The transaction will take place thanks to a satellite internet connection, and is designed to prove the versatility of the digital currency.

Back in April, Hanneche successfully ventured to the North Pole. His entire trip is expected to cost just over $80,000.

Good luck to Hanneche!

[via CoinDesk]

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