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A Short Bitcoin Q&A With Max Keiser

Avatar newsbtc 6 years ago

Max Keiser QA

Not too long ago I did a short Q&A with Bitcoinity founder Kacper Cieśla (you can read that here). Today, I’m happy to bring you a short Q&A session with Keiser Report host Max Keiser, who is well-known in the Bitcoin community. If you’re unfamiliar with Max, you can check out his program on RT (Russia Today).

I had the opportunity to ask Max a few questions on Wednesday, and the responses may or may not surprise you. Here they are.

Eric: Overall, what are your thoughts on Bitcoin? Is it a worthy investment?

Max: Bitcoin is, as Julian Assange described it, stateless money. As money it is both a store of value and a medium of exchange. At current prices, I would say that it is also the most undervalued currency in the world today.

Eric: How high to do see the value of Bitcoin going in the future?

Max: I think my friend Rick Falkvinge in Sweden is correct; that BTC will capture between 1 – 10% of global Forex. This implies a price of between $100,000 and $1 mn.

Eric: Is Max Keiser holding Bitcoin? 

Max: Yes.

Eric: What advice would you give to someone who’s heard of Bitcoin but doesn’t quite know what to make of it?

Max: The paths to Bitcoin are multiplying. The early adopters were mesmerized by the sheer genius of it and they are still buying it and spreading the story. In places like Cyprus and other economic and political hotspots people are finding their way to bitcoin via their survival instincts. In Germany I think they just love how brilliantly it’s engineered.  We now see entrepreneurs jumping in because the fear of missing the next big thing outweighs the risk of being wrong. I think the new BTC ATM’s in Canada will shatter any misperceptions about BTC being ‘too complicated.’ The paths to BTC are multiplying and as I said before one day we’ll wake up and it will be ubiquitous.

Special thanks to Max for participating.

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